Macrostructures and Microstructures As a Study-Aid in Textual Analysis and Text Creation

1. Introduction The concepts of micro- and macrostructures have been relegated to an academic concept in the fields on linguistics and are perhaps the subject of some research. The application of these concepts, however, can have far-reaching implications in the field of education and learning. Of special mention is the use of these concepts as […]

My First Yoga Teaching

In December of 2019, I had the opportunity to apply my knowledge of yoga and use my training as a teacher to conduct a free 5-day workshop. The workshop benefitted me in various ways, giving me the occasion to structure my free time creatively and helping me develop certain strengths as a facilitator. Purpose Mission […]

Homeopathy – A Tryst With Healing

It’s so important that people are made aware of the dangers and truth about medicines. And not just the layman – it’s the unscrupulous doctors who prescribe antibiotics for the mildest infection, who need to be further educated!  I share here my personal experiences with the wonders of homeopathy. Healing is done best by the […]

The Importance of Sanskrit Language in the Modern World

The Importance of Sanskrit Language in the Modern World While the world looks to India and ancient Indian texts for the advancement of the existing scientific knowledge, we are busy aping the west only to find that their scientific investigations lead back to our own ancient repositories of knowledge. Sanskrit studies are becoming increasingly popular […]