It’s so important that people are made aware of the dangers and truth about medicines. And not just the layman – it’s the unscrupulous doctors who prescribe antibiotics for the mildest infection, who need to be further educated!  I share here my personal experiences with the wonders of homeopathy.

Healing is done best by the body by itself. What’s important is that we find ways to induce and boost the body’s ability to heal itself. The immune system does need some assistance now and then. However, it’s not necessary to overdose the body with chemicals for the same effect.

For the last ten years I’ve been under the expert guidance of an accomplished homeopath & psychotherapist at Bangalore. While I used to often catch a cold in the unpredictable climate in Bangalore earlier, I now remain largely unaffected by the erratic changes in temperature and humidity. I suffered from lower back pain and the spasms used to be intense and rendered me immobile for weeks. With homeopathy my spasms would be released in a day!

My daughter is now ten years old. At age two her paediatrician declared her “asthmatic”. A week and a few discussions later, our family homeopath put her on some magic pills which she called her (my daughter’s) constitutional. In two days she was cured of her cough and wheezing that had till then continued unabated for 8 months!

A few months ago she developed pre-pubescent headaches. After several tests and consultations a specialist declared it “migraine” based on the symptoms and “family history”. And then it happened again. It took our family homeopath 7-10 days to figure what was going on. She changed her “constitutional” as our child was now a new and different person with an emergent new personality! And lo and behold! The magic worked again! The so-called migraine never came back!!

I am of the opinion that medics should focus on the understanding of the immune system, its auto healing properties and how it’s related to our consciousness. I know this may sound far-fetched to many allopaths who believe homeopathy to be akin to the occult. Yet it’s important to ask ourselves where the frontiers of science lie and what defines occult. Perhaps we are losing out on a wealth of “knowing” in the mistaken belief that science is only chemistry and substance or the “physical” reality of only what has hitherto been measured!

It’s true that homeopathic medicines DO NOT contain any substance from the healing source – but only a recorded energy field, a memory of the healing properties from the mineral, plant and animal worlds. And the good thing is that it does not introduce anything into the system, nor impose anything upon the body’s mechanism. All it does is INDUCE and PROPEL the required healing faculties of our wonderful human body (and mind) in the desired direction.

Far-fetched? Not in the least. Experiments and meticulously recorded trials and scientific research point towards the fact that homeopathy is a science alright – it only delves into domains that we need to open our minds to.

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